The Swan Farm Approach to Akhal-Tekes


About Swan Farm Akhal-Tekes

At Swan Farm, we love, breed, train, and seek to preserve the rare and ancient Akhal-Teke, the original athletic horse, living remnant of the legendary Golden Horses of ancient Greek and Persian history.

Pat and Kevin combine decades of practical hands-on experience in ranching, horseback riding, and horse husbandry with college education in equine science and farm management.

Our breeding herd was assembled horse by horse, over several years, from Virgina, Texas, Idaho, and Washington, in addition to those born in Oregon. We breed with a balanced approach to producing great all-round athletic horses, with an intentionally wide sourcing of stallions to support continued genetic diversity in the breed.

We manage our horses in social groups, using run-in sheds in large paddocks, rather than barn stalls, with frequent access to wide open pasture. The fundamental socialization of young Akhal-Teke horses is developed naturally in these settings, as they grow strong on a foundation of local grass hay.

Our training approach for these smart, sensitive horses incorporates the gentle techniques of natural horsemanship, as well as evidence-based learning theory, and core elements of the classical framework. We believe in waiting until our horses are structurally mature before adding the weight of a rider. Our horses run barefoot, with individually-fitted boots when the situation requires.

Our People

Pat Johnston

Pat Johnston


Pat is Vice President of the Akhal-Teke Association of America (ATAA), and Vice President of the Livestock Conservancy. A life-long horsewoman, her professional background spans biology and ecology.

Ehyr Atlaz and Kevin

Kevin Matthews


Ranch hand, blacksmith, educator, and entrepreneur, Kevin brings proven skills in horse and dog training and breeding, as well as hay analysis and production, to managing day to day ranch and horse operations at multiple horse farms.

Our Horses

Patty and Ulduze
Annuschka and Swan Akylly Baytal
Swan Altyn Kamat
Swan Kyzyl Kometa
Ehyr Atlaz