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Amazing purebred Akhal-Teke filly (2022), Anikit x Arima.

Anna is sired by Anikit, a multiple breed show winner, including Champion Akhal-Teke at Dressage At Devon, 2016. Graceful and kind, Anikit exemplified the very best of Akhal-Teke mind and movement.

Anna's dam, Arima, was born in Texas to the impressive Russian-born sire Arim, and the German-born endurance-tested dam, Annuschka. Arima's first foal is the lovely Swan Yurekli Sazda (Sayda) by Gidasp.

Anna is a sixth generation direct descendant, through the noted stallion Mazan, of the great Olympic champion Absent, with Absent's sire, Arab, on both sides of her pedigree.

Anna For Sale


Abby is a lovely purebred Akhal-Teke filly born May 11, 2023, Kiergen x Arima, available now for delivery as a weanling. This match of two extraordinary Akhal-Tekes produces a direct descendant of the great Olympic champion Absent from both sides, with a good COI.

Kiergen (Mergen x Kerki, metallic cream perlino, 2005, Absent@4), is the proven sire of several notable purebred Akhal-Teke foals and grand foals.

Arima (Arim x Annuschka, metallic golden palomino 2014, Absent@5), is the dam of outstanding purebred Akhal-Teke fillies Swan Yurekli Sazada (Sayda, 2020) and Swan Altyn Alma (Anna, 2022).

Five Generation Pedigree of Little Swan Abby

Abby For Sale

Swan Asyl Akyldar

Registered purebred Akhal-Teke stud colt (2019), Ehyr Atlaz x Annuschka.

An adorable new Akhal-Teke colt in 2019, Aklydar is now sale pending as a well-developed three-year-old.

Aklydar - Sale Pending


Purebred Akhal-Teke mare (2009).

Dule is a proven broodmare with great conformation. She's endurance-trained and under saddle for several years, both on trails and in the ring.

Delguli - SOLD